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Our Team

Tony Lofitis

Licensee in Charge


Tony is the principal of Synergy Realtor. Tony is not an active salesperson, he only oversees the various operations and always ready to assist his people with every legal and other matter. After 46 years in this industry knows everything backwards.

Apart of residential and commercial property sales and rentals, Tony with his Greek heritage has also being active in the sale of businesses of all kinds. It all started in the early 70’s when people from Greece started the Take Away food shops in New South Wales, long before the KFC, Makers and the other and now the Cafes on every corner showed up in Australia. But over the years his team also sold other and all kind of businesses so much in Sydney Metro as much as in the Country of New South Wales.

Tony is very generous with his staff, treats everyone as an individual and supports them in every aspect. The Synergy Realtor also trades as Business Domain and in both entities remunerate its staff very generously with 80% of any sale commission whether for the sale of property or business. Best of all the salespeople are allowed to create and maintain as their own together with the company a property management portfolio which can be milked for years or sold to the company or to a third party.

Everyone is technically supported with RPData, Red Square electronic forms, and authorised to advertise on www.realestate.com.au, www.domain.com.au, www.realestateworld.com.au, www.tradingpost.com.au, www.bsale.com.au, www.business2sell.com.au, www.bizclassifieds.com.au and more.

Regardless of your experience Tony will prepare you so that you present yourself as a professional Synergy Realtor from day one with the company.

Marc Clement

Sales Executive


Marc is an ex banker who spent the last 20 years in real estate. He is a fully licensed person and has acquired vast experience in all kind of properties and businesses.

He has been active all over but in particular in the City where he has sold many high-rise apartments of millions of dollars.

He is meticulous with his word and observation but above all helpful and loves to synergies with both vendors and purchasers.

Marc is not happy unless both parties are happy in a fair deal.

Khan Hassan

Sales Executive


Khan came to Synergy Realtor with vast experience not only in real estate but also finance and other.

He began his career with us as a senior person and he promises the best and most gentle yet very effective service to his clientele.

Sheikh Islam

Sales Executive


Sheikh is covering Kogarah area assisted by his wife who is an accountant and a tax agent. He has been very active in renting and managing properties mostly in St George area but is constantly looking for new listing of properties for sale as well.

The zeal and interest of both husband and wife to serve the local community is well above average. The management received the best comments from satisfied customers

Although he is based in Kogarah if you are in St George area looking to rent or sell a property or business call Sheikh and he will be there in a flash. Synergy Realtor provided Sheikh with everything to successfully promote properties and businesses for lease or sale.